I was approached the other day at my annual pie giveaway ( but that is another post) by a buyer and he asked me why I did not suggest he get a home warranty when he bought his house.  His question was how many clients actually get the policy.  Only about 3% of my purchasers get a policy. 

A home warranty is basically an insurance policy which protects the owner of the house in case something breaks the policy covers the homeowner for repair.

All different types of properties can be covered including single family homes, condominiums, townhomes, mobile homes, multi unit and new construction homes.

There are different plans to suite your specific needs but read the fine print as there are loads of exceptions to each plan and not everything is covered so read all the language carefully.  Additionally there is always a deductible for every plan.  

If something does break and it is Christmas eve and you have a house full of guests you cannot call anyone you want to fix the problem but have to either call them for a list of contractors or use the list they give you.

If you are risk adverse then a home warranty plan would be perfect for you and your peace of mind.  Similar to title insurance.