December 20, 2010

Dear Bob and Laura,

We want to express our deepest gratitude for helping us find and secure our new nest. It's been six months since we moved in and we can honestly say that we are happy to come home each and every day. I smile walking the dogs on the trail, Josh loves working on the boat out the in the garage, and the dogs enjoy their doggie neighbors and the other wildlife. Our family favorite is Mr. Fox, a gorgeous orange-red fox who lives in the neighboring lot. He visits our property frequently, always adding a beautiful splash of color. I know that we bought the house, but in a large way, I feel that you both gave us the wonderful gift of our home. It was your guidance that led us through the real estate maze and showed us that our dreams could come true.

Your expertise throughout the home buying and selling process was invaluable and have redefined "professional" for us both. Bob, you guided us through the entire sell/buy process in a concise, knowledgeable, and patient manner that helped soothe my worries and instilled a tone of confidence to the entire experience. I'm still amazed that you answered all million of my emails, at 6:30 am no less! You worked with our wants and needs, but added your expert, realistic perspective to keep us grounded and on track.

Laura, I'll never forget the sensitive, kind way you helped us through our first open house. You realized that it wasn't just a house you were showing, but a very special first home, near and dear to our hearts. You work together in a seamless, team-oriented spirit that gave us the sense that we were always taken care of - brilliant!

Lastly, you're both great people. And who doesn't love to do business with great people? You've made our job very easy - whenever anyone asks for a real estate agent recommendation, only one team comes to mind - Bob and Laura! You've got a lifelong cheering squad singing your praises.

And ... you did such a great job of finding our new nest that our first little one is due in June! Thanks you!!! Coincidentally, our little sweet pea is due almost a year from the day we moved in - a springtime babe. We're over the moon!

Sending you the warmest in holiday wishes,

R & J